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Website launch, autoctona design

We were approached by Alesandra to help her refresh her current website design and develop a WordPress theme. We were able to work together with a limited budget, and help create something that was both aesthetically loyal to her keen design sense, while offering her all the functionality of a WordPress CMS. The main challenge was creating some templates for some unconventional layouts that would allow the client to dynamically update content with various image sizes.  We really enjoy working with talented artists, especially ones located right here in Portland. You should take a visit to her website to learn more about Autoctona and view some of her amazing work.

New website launched! Arena Rock Photos

I remember my first concert back in junior high school, it was Ted Nugent. He came flying out over the audience in a loincloth howling away like the madman he is. I was hooked, and soon after that I’d go almost every weekend up to New Haven to camp out for good seats, Van Halen, Queen, The Police, all the big arena rock bands that came through…it was part of growing up, something exciting to do in a pretty boring area of the country for a restless teen, and it inspired me to get into playing music (later on punk rock gave me the confidence to actually do it in public). Those were the days of big hair and men dressed in ridiculous outfits playing God on an extravagant stage. We were happy to help Portland Oregon photographer Pat Goebel set up a simple ecommerce website to sell high quality prints of his colorful images of this wondrous era of rock music. Take a look through Pat’s website and if you like what you see pick up a print or two for someone nostalgic in your life. They will enjoy it.


Misty Mountain Morning

The wind last night has cleared away all the pea soup up here in Forest Park. It is interesting to see how the dynamics of our surroundings have been altered now that it is all gone. The leaves have fallen, the trees are nude. Here are a shots I snapped up on Skyline a few mornings ago, it was a thick muddy ride to get up there, but the fog was just as thick.

Beware of the Kraken!

I’m a sucker for a good liquor bottle label, I love The Prisoner wine and most of the Orin Swift collection (how cool is the Papillon label?). So it was no surprise that this awesome bottle caught my eye. I confess I have not tried this rum, but I’ll have to report back to you as soon as I locate a bottle. The Kraken is our of my favorite sea monsters, and one you don’t want to meet on your oceanic travels!

The Kraken Website

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Anatomy and Typography!

Sometimes it’s a simple idea and really great execution that results in a pleasing piece of art, other times it can be a grueling exercise of narrowing down shards of ideas right? These pieces by artist Katerina Orlikova combine two things I really love, typography and anatomy in a fresh and pleasing way. Replace the bones in these animal x-rays with elements of typography, simple yet brilliant spark of an idea carried out to fruition. I have to say I’m a bit jealous I didn’t think of the idea first, as I have a pretty large collection of anatomy books I’ve scored at thrift shops over the years. Well earned kudos to Katerina nice job!

Typography Anatomy

Visit site- Anatomy of Typography

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Kaibo Zonshinzu- Amazing anatomical illustration

As a design professional and an artist I’ve always been fascinated with medical illustration, and these great paintings are really remarkable documents that transcend above the ordinary. They are really beautiful and grotesque, created in 1819 by Kyoto-area physician/artist Yasukazu Minagaki (1784-1825). The paintings were studies created from actual corpses which were actually the remains of recently beheaded criminals, and it is the grotesque expressions which really makes them stand out in this time period. There are two scrolls of 83 paintings currently hosted at the Keio University Library. Check out the rest of the images here (there is a link to page navigation in the bottom left corner of the page).

Link via the great: Pink Tentacle Blog

The Clowning!

Hey! a picture I sent in to Found Magazine a few years ago made it to “Find of the Day” how cool is that! They only posted one from the series, which is quite a shame as the whole bunch together are really bizarre. I found these in Value Village (Tucson AZ), a notoriously great thrift shop back in the early 90’s.

Here is full series (click to view bigger if you’re not afraid!)


Way of the Mantis- Tradition meets technology

It’s always cool when someone melds modern technology with traditional art style. Here is a great “thesis” animation from RIT which does just that. Watch as a Monk learns the style of one of my favorite bugs (bug or alien life form? the verdict still has to be out on that one), the Praying Mantis.

Way of the Mantis-

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Running from Camera: Faster than your slowest friend

Don’t let it catch you dude. that camera has been stalking this poor guy all over the world, he keeps running and running…it’s no use, the camera is always there, right behind him, biding it’s time. You’ll trip and fall one day smart guy, and then…it’s over, you’re camera food.

Running from Camera

Running from Camera: Blog


Ads of the World: Feed your brain

If you are feeling like the creative well is a bit dry, or you just happen to have some of that rare thing known as “free time”, take a spin through the awesome archive of Ads of the World. This is a huge collection of really creative ads guarenteed to spark some sort of flame in your creative brain. Check out this super cool image for an ad about a waterproof camera.

Ads of the World

Ads of the World: Website

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Let’s make some Toast!

Apparently there is a toast vacancy! Everyone loves toast right? how can this be? I’m going to get a slice of soft delicious bread right now. I will make it just the perfect crispy brown and it shall deliver butter for that is it’s job. Great art from this guy, visit his gallery, and marvel at the shopping cart crop circle among others.

Let’s make some Toast!


Oragimi: All I can make is a football

These are simply amazing origami pieces, apparently from a contest at MIT. The bugs are really nice, although these are all pretty inspirational. Man there just isn’t enough time in the day.


The Japanese Tradition: Origami

more origami links:
Origami Diagrams
Golden Beaver!


Virtual hotness! 3D-model

Well I can still sorta tell she’s not real (in the full size picture anyway), too perfect maybe? Perhaps it’s the vacant look in the eyes. It would be interesting to see though how many people can actually tell the difference. If you want to get your geek panties all wet then click here to view how the model was created.

Virtual hotness! 3D-model

digg: Believe it or not!

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Matrix by Andrey Kuznetsov

Here we have some really nice Russian art from the Lebedev galleries. We really like these old style moderned themed pieces by Andrey Kuznetsov (see also his totally awesome spiderman)

Matrix by Andrey Kuznetsov

Lebedev Studios: illustrations