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Happy New Year!

Hard to believe 10 years ago we were all (well some of those people) worried about the great digital disaster Y2K! We are fortunate to still be around and to be celebrating 5 years of our little design agency Bitclone here in Portland Oregon. What’s been the key to our success? Well in addition to a meticulous obsession with new technologies and how they affect design, I believe it is our desire to provide a personal commitment to serving our clients. My grandfather was an amazing and inspiring human being who ran a Ford dealership in Old Saybrook CT. He had clients all across the country and he was often driving to places like Florida to personally deliver their cars to them! The man was always on the move, he would take these 15-20 minute power naps to recharge, but then pow he’s back up mowing the lawn, tending his huge garden, or helping someone out with a small task. He lived to a feisty old 93 years of age, take what you will from that and let’s rock 2010!
Here we are at our favorite little Perierra Crepe Cart (corner of Hawthorne and se 12th).


Eric & Alex