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The Black Magic of Search Engine Optimization

Many companies offer SEO as a service, and yet not very many will guarantee their results in writing, even less with an offer to refund your money when the promised results don’t bear fruit. This is because the process to deliver front page rankings on Google involves a great deal of work, and unless you are REALLY willing to invest some time and money into creating a bunch of networked domains and websites which are loaded with the correct keyword formula, all linking back to your main site…well let’s just say you’re not going to see miraculous results.

When we bid out a job, we try to explain that we take a white hat approach to SEO. Present all your data in a logical well structured manner, and make sure your html code under the hood reflects this (you’ll see this referred to as good semantic code). Google spiders need to be able to easily read, understand, and rate the importance of your content. They base search results on a combination of keyword density (and weight of the words in the data structure), reciprocal link popularity, age of the domain, and probably a few other things I am unaware of. You can game the system, and if you have the resources go for it, however my main point here is beware of the snake oil salesman promising a cheap miracle, and think long term. You can get decent results with good code structure and a bit of honest work over time. Chances are you found our website searching Google for WordPress Development.